Stone Cladding

Upgrade your home with stone

Turn every part of your home into a feature with natural stone cladding.

Adding stone veneer to the interior or exterior of your home is the perfect way to combine style, strength and durability. Stone is a beautiful and natural material that has the benefit of being both strong and great to look at. Create a feature of your home and add stone veneer.

Stone cladding, everywhere.

Stone cladding has traditionally been used on the outside of buildings, but increasingly architects and interior designers are making an impact by including it inside the home. The possibilities are endless. You choose where you want to add stone, and the team at Granite & Stone will make it happen.

Stone veneer is a great way to enhance a fireplace. Combined with our range of Fireplace Hearths, stone veneer can turn your fire into a beautiful focal point.

Stone veneer can add impact in a bathroom, kitchen or on a feature wall in any room of the house. Stone cladding brings both presence and beauty into the home.

On the exterior of your home, stone cladding can cover your exterior walls, columns, fencing, letterbox, landscaping and entryways. Book an appointment with us today and we can help you to explore what’s possible.

Your specialists in stone veneer.

We’re not just experts in spotting which stone would look great in your home. We’re also experts in sourcing, handling and installing stone: so you can relax and look forward to the best service and the highest quality stone veneer.

We offer a wide range of stone cladding products, including River Rock veneer; South Island Schist veneer; Hatuma veneer and Paradise Stone veneer. Find out more about the materials we offer or contact us today

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